Wes Blankenship is a sports journalist and broadcaster in Atlanta, Ga.

He grew up in metro-Atlanta, and tells its stories while the people who live there thirst for a championship.

As long as there are athletes playing sports, and coaches coaching them, there will be stories to tell and fans to take them in.

Journalism and multimedia storytelling are not going anywhere. They just continue to change in delivery, scope, and consumption.

I know how to adapt.

I studied newspapers and photojournalism in college, then stepped into a broadcast TV and digital journalism career.

Continual shifts have prepared me to report and produce stories with any tools necessary.

Next up? Find the audience, and deliver stories to wherever it happens to be.

- Wes

Demo Reel

A collection of my work in front of the camera and/or behind it - in the field and in the studio, speaking with guests, and to viewers at home.
Selected Work